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About us

Mayura Packaging Private Limited is a uniquely integrated sales, distribution and manufacturing operation with significant expertise in all range of Corrugated Boxes. We are located in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India. We call upon unrivalled in-house production, procurement and logistical expertise across Tamilnadu, Kerala and Karnataka.

Mayura Packaging Private Limited offers an extensive and diverse range of print options for Corrugated Packaging. We have our own in-house design and production capabilities, we are able to provide the simplest one colour design through to the most complex designs. With leading standard box making lines we can offer premium quality boxes and have the capabilities to produce small order quantities and large volume contracts. We have a wide range of materials available, which can be tailored to suit your needs and are well equipped to deal with the most technical demanding constructions which require strict tolerance control. And we strongly believe in making significant contributions to support environmental efforts both internally and externally.

Call us for a no obligation quotation or have one of our experienced sales people come and meet with you for a comprehensive review of your corrugated cardboard requirements. You will receive a quality product, delivered on time with the best possible service and may even save money on your current packaging.

In addition, Mayura Packaging Private Limited is committed to quality and exceptional service. Our state-of-the-art production facilities and customer-driven delivery strategy enable us to distribute up to 3000 tons of Corrugated Boxes every month to customers in over three different states. We have the capabilities and expertise to support your current and future packaging requirements.

  • Offering Corrugated packaging solutions in a fast-moving and consumer-orientated market place.
  • Continually looking to future needs and demands of the market to redefine and manage our service
  • Maintain our position as an adaptable and flexible supplier to our valued customers
  • Respect and anticipate the requirements of regulations and our customers
  • Preserving the environment.
  • Always examining our responsibilities to balance sustainable development with cost-focused manufacturing processes.
  • Acknowledging the personal development of our employees as paramount to the success in achieving our aims

With a dedicated & experienced team, we are well placed to provide you with the quality packaging requirements you need, when you need it.